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Home About Cotton Textiles Fabrics

About Cotton Textiles Fabrics

Fabrics can be categorized by material, construction and appearance.

Categorization by Material

Fabric Variation
Cotton fabrics Shirting, poplin, broadcloth, calico, tussore, voile, lawn, organdie, oxford, gabardine, seersucker, chambray, denim, velveteen, corduroy, etc.
Wool fabrics Worsted fabrics Serge, tropical, poral, sharkskin, cashmere, doeskin, amunzen, etc.
Woolen fabrics Flannel, saxony, tweed, homespun, velour, melton, astrakhan, etc.
Silk fabrics Spun silk yarn Fuji silk
Raw silk,
degummed silk
Habutae, sioze, taffeta, faille, ottoman,chiffon, flat crepe, crepe de Chine,
georgette, shantung, pongee, leno, plain gauze, silk gauze, etc.
Bast fiber
Jute Hessian cloth, gunny cloth, etc.
Linen Byssus, crash, chambray, damask, etc
Ramie Jyofu, kemma, canvas, etc.
Man-made Rayon, acetate ※Same as above

Categorization by Construction

Fabric Variation
Single cloths Basic weaves Plain weave, twill weave, satin weave
※See following.
Derivative weaves A fabric that has a construction derived from basic weaves
Special derivative weaves A fabric that has a special construction not derived from basic weaves
Combination weaves Double cloths A fabric of which two plies overlap using two sets of warp and filling
Multiple-ply weaves A fabric with three or more plies
Pile fabrics A fabric that has piles on its surface.
The piles are uncut loops or cut loops to make a nap or fur-like appearance.
Leno cloths A fabric in which the weft is inserted while the warps are bound together.
Figured fabrics Elaborate weave patterns made with a combination of different structures or colored yarns
by jacquard or dobby shedding
Lace fabrics A fabric woven on a Raschel or lacing machine
Others Triaxial weaves, lappet weaves, swivel weaves

Fabrics by 3 Basic Weaves

Fabric Variation
Plain weave

The simplest and strongest fabric construction interlacing each warp and weft alternatively. Front and back sides of the fabric are both the same.

Poplin, broadcloth, gingham, sheeting, heavy shirting, shirting, flannel, taffeta, lawn, poral, canvas, cambric, chambray, crepe, muslin, batiste, faille, tropical, organdie, voile

Twill weave

The warp and weft are interlaced in a way that diagonal lines appear on the face of the fabric.

Drill, jeans, denim, west-point, gabardine, sleek, serge, viyella

Satin weave

The warp and weft are not raised consecutively, and positioned at regular intervals. A fabrics on which many warps can be seen on the surface is called warp sateen, and the reverse is called weft sateen

  1. ・Warp sateen: Venetian, doeskin
  2. ・Weft sateen: Italian cloth

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