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The Japan Cotton & Staple Fiber Weavers’ Association undertakes the following extensive range of activities for the development and promotion of the textile industry in cooperation with associations in fabric production districts in Japan:

●Promotion and Implementation of Textile Industry Measures

Pursuant to the new Textile Vision formulated by the Japanese government, the Association encourages associations in fabric production districts to develop a broad range of products on the basis of advanced merchandising and distribution systems, in order to respond to needs in Asia as well as around the world.


●Trade Measures

Import Measures:

In regard to excessive cotton fabric imports from China, the Association is lobbying the Japanese government, and is appealing to other organizations to grasp import movements and establish an orderly import system.

Promotion of Exports:

The environment surrounding textile trade has undergone changes, such as China becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the textile industry is becoming even more globalized. The Association is actively endeavoring to promote exports, and through the Export Promotion Department, etc., we are implementing overseas market development programs, overseas field work, holding seminars for promoting exports and many other activities.

●Measures for Activating Production Districts

○Holding “Japan Creation”

In cooperation with six other textile associations in different sectors of the industry and fabric production districts, the Association has been holding textile exhibitions since 1998 for the purpose of expanding the field of business activities.

●Promotions & Anti-Depression Measures

Together with relative industries, the Association is requesting the government to realize policies concerning import problems, and take financial and taxation system measures.

○“Japan Cotton Mark”

The Association is endeavoring to popularize the “Japan Cotton Mark” for the purpose of familiarizing the superior quality of Japanese-made cotton fabrics, as well as enlarging demand for such quality fabrics. We have concluded a trademark licensing agreement with the Japan Cotton Promotion Institute, which has the trademark rights for the “Japan Cotton Mark”. We have made regulations for the use of the “Japan Cotton Mark”, and are making endeavors to popularize the “Japan Cotton Mark”.

●Investigation and Providing Information

In addition to carrying out investigations on government policies and gathering information both at home and abroad, the Association provides statistical data on production, exports and imports, and publishes a periodical in-house magazine, “Information about Cotton and Staple-Fiber Textiles”.

●Education of Younger Members

In order to foster young people in the industry, the Association has formed within our organization a Youth Group composed of young businesspersons in fabric production districts, to conduct investigations, exchange information and preparing to set up the online web shop for the market expansion.

●Other Activities

  • ・Understanding of equipment installation situation in the industry
  • ・Promotion of information maintenance activities
  • ・Improvement of business conditions
  • ・Demand for tax system revisions

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